2 Programs - Slovenia June 2018

with Stephen Poplin, international teacher, author and therapist  

   Program 1 ... Life between Lives: the Inter-Journey of the Soul

16th and 17th June 2018

Hotel Šport Otočec, Slovenia

        Saturday 10 – 6 pm

Sunday 10 – 5 pm

price: 249 €

What to expect:

Explore your past lives

Discover your soul's purpose

Communicate with your higher self

Learn about your contracts with Love & Life

Life between Lives: the Inter-Journey of the Soul

Where do we go when we die? Do we choose our parents, our family and friends, before we are born? Are we working out karma in this life? Do we have a special purpose or mission? Weaving religious traditions, the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, the phenomenon of NDEs (near death experiences) plus Michael Newton's provocative research (author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls), Stephen will describe the vast arenas of spiritual exploration when we are not incarnated in our bodies. In this informative program, we will deal with humanity's great questions of soul and spirit, life and death and life again. Along the way, we will discuss soul groups, life lessons, guidance from above, reincarnation, interplanetary sojourns, and choosing earth bodies. Oh yes, and a few ghost stories.

Special Sunday program – experience your past lives!

This will be quite a ride, and You signed up for it!

* Inspiration for this material will be found in Stephen's book, which has been getting great reviews. 

    “Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist's casebook”

     >   https://www.amazon.de/Stephen-Poplin/e/B071J54DGC/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1513368163&sr=1-2

    Schedule 16th and 17th June 2018 

Saturday 10 – 6 pm

We will explore the wide world of spiritual journeys, including ways to be aware … such as using dreams, signs and synchronicities. Hypno-meditation. Fun and stimulating.

Sunday 10 – 5 pm

Sunday morning - Group Past Life Regression!

Stephen will present a talk on reincarnation and outline the various ways one can recall past lives, emphasizing personal recollection via hypnosis. This discussion will be followed by a fascinating experiential in which we uncover images and themes from your soul's meta-memories. Venture into this expansive spiritual journey of your own soul development!

Bring a pillow and a blanket and your adventurous self!

               After the Sunday lunch we will integrate the various things discussed and experienced from the two days, finishing up around 5 p.m.

Program 2 ... Exploring Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns

    June 20 to June 24, 2018 A Solstice gathering with Stephen Poplin


    Discover your Soul Purpose

    Delve deeper into karma and love

    Learn methods to deep trance, and understanding Symbols


    Certificate of Attendance – Advanced Hypnotic Techniques

  Spirit Inspired Relationships  
  Finding our Life's Mission

Price: 399

Schedule - We begin on the 20th of June around noon. Summer Solstice celebration the next day, 21 June! How much can we experience in Four and a half days!? Stephen will prepare programs each day, with morning and afternoon sessions.

Introducing the ALL Game!

Venue: Hotel Šport Otočecwww.terme-krka.com/

In the lovely Slovene countryside, in a retreat environment so that we can all be together in a safe, nurturing and spiritually uplifting environment. Hotel Šport Otočec is a place that offers food and accommodations, which includes camping and alternative options to overnight! Take a look at their colorful brochure > (click) Otočec

    Our representative at the hotel - Nataša Mihajlović - natasa.mihajlovic@terme-krka.si
      +386 739 42 514

        For general information about the hotel  +386 08 20 50 300

Please join us!  

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Program 1 … register by February 28 – 199€

Program 2 … register by February 28 – 299€

Please transfer either a deposit of 100€ or the total sum to Stephen Poplin at the following German bank account:

Be sure to note in your payment Program 1 or 2, or Both Programs 1 & 2.

IBAN: DE54200700240168230100


Contact - 
  for more information, in English: Stephen Poplin - stephen@transpersonal.us


    Stephen Poplin, M.A., CHT, spiritual coach and transpersonal hypnotherapist, is a periodic college instructor of philosophy and humanities, including HafenCity University, Hamburg, Germany. He is also an astrologer and Tarot reader and teacher of these divine arts. Stephen's practice includes spiritual and trance-personal journeys, regression/inner child work and personal-social-professional integration. While in Germany he attained the state approved Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie. Stephen is an interfaith counselor and workshop leader with clients worldwide.
    Stephen worked at the Center for Integrative Medicine in Washington, DC, which is associated with the George Washington University Medical Hospital, where he consulted with individual clients and medical personnel, and taught courses on the medical uses of trance and suggestion. Stephen is the former International Director of the Newton Institute for Hypnotherapy, founded by bestselling author Dr. Michael Newton. Stephen is a military veteran who worked in many hospitals as an operating room technologist. He is known for his compassion, insight and humor.

Stephen Poplin

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Dear Stephen,
I must tell you what happened. After these regressions I was so much more alert and focused - my brain functioned in a different way - sharper, more controlled. But I also felt so much healthier and stronger and therefore much younger (but not in appearance ;-). The intuitions were also stronger and more extensive and the contact to my spirit guide was completely different - much more intense than usual, it was more beautiful than ever before, as if you had opened this door to Him even more. Afterwards I had so many wonderful visions and dreams (and I still have them now) and quite different insights into our everyday world - it was suddenly so much more beautiful and friendly. I have now seen life on Earth with completely different eyes and also the people here.
I would of course like to repeat this immediately, because it was simply so unspeakably beautiful.
Greetings, A

Hello again,
Yeah, I'm fine, of course, since our sessions. I have been with you three times already and it was always like a miracle, because I could not only look into other lives but also experience healings that were so good for me. I've had so much power since then; I feel better than I have for 15 years. I hadn't reckoned that I would feel better at this age. But now I could rip out trees - thanks to you!
Thank you very much for your time and effort, I felt really well taken care of!
You were right, the sessions are only starting to take effect now, and I think it will occupy me for some time to come.
I have new perspectives and peace. Again and again a connection comes to me, completely out of the blue, like today during real stress at work for example, so that you pause for a moment and think: Aha! Very interesting! Detach from the drama!
Be warmly greeted!
Be the love, S

Hello, Stephen,
I am still so happy about the experience with you, and my journey, feeling and soul connection is simply overwhelming.
My soul connection has increased incredibly, even to my children and then naturally to all living beings. Sometimes it almost feels like I can read in people and nature.
I am so happy that you are well and greet you warmly
your J

almost every day I remember our two sessions together in Switzerland.
In fact, a lot of energy was released-everything is in motion. Wow.
Anyway - thank you very, very much for that. From the bottom of my heart!!
It really is an incredible experience, wonderful!!
... yes, how great to work with synchronicity!
Thanks for the input with the guardian angel - I forgot to write that I look 10 years younger and feel like a young child: -) I feel free, very free.
THANK YOU dearest Stephen.
hearty and huggy, S
My life had already changed a lot after the first two sessions, not only because I was suddenly so incredibly healthy and felt 20 years younger, but because you had opened me up to the spiritual world in such a way that I could perceive things that were hidden from me before. It was all so beautiful and so new and I could hardly keep this fascination to myself. I felt so gifted, somehow as if I had been reborn with completely different values and standards, with different gifts and abilities and with a new attitude towards all and everything.
I owe this to you and your wonderful gift and I will never forget it. Only because of you I became another person who feels much more comfortable here and is now healthier overall (I was 80 % severely handicapped and now run like a bee and have an energy that can hardly be stopped) and I feel more connected to everything now than before. I somehow live in two worlds (the spiritual is much closer now) and I feel stronger and better understood.
I thank you for all the wonderful regressions and of course for these healings which were so profound and so fascinating - I could never describe them in words.
I wish you all the happiness and perfect health in this world, so that you can send these miracles to many more people.
In eternal gratitude, H

Dear Stephen,
I really enjoyed our work together!
It's been a few weeks since we experienced the life between lives session. I wanted to briefly tell you how I have been feeling.
As before, also this time a lot of healing work has happened! My neck feels completely different - freer.
My right hip is much better!!!!!! As you may recall, I had seven years of severe movement restrictions and pain, including four years of pain, very strong (therapy-resistant) pain, I am now happy that this works better! The pain has decreased by about 60-70%.
What "coincidences" there are! I am now ready to let go of the old patterns with the intention of entering the New Age with a new consciousness. I am in constant contact with my spiritual guide and she also helps me a lot. So, you see, there's a lot of change!
Now I wish you a good time in Europe.
Kind regards, E

Dear Stephen,
One of your successes I have to tell you now. .... After the second therapy session with you I felt so incredibly healed (as if I were in a cloud bed) and so much stronger. I can't thank you enough for that. A huge success for you :-) and of course also nice for me.
But I also wanted to thank you for these wonderful experiences and insights. Your guidance there was so loving and warm-hearted. You have opened so many doors for me and offered so many gifts with it that I will not forget it all of my life. I was usually so eerily deep in these other lives that I would have liked to have experienced everything without words; -) I thank you for your understanding for me and for your trust.
Regards, S

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