The Synchronicity Watch

         Communicating with Spirit by using Common Symbols

Using The Synchronicity Watch, affectionately known as the Watch-It

            Relax, take a deep breath, and calm yourself.

            You have something on your mind. Here you are at the computer screen, and you have a few options before you.

           * Open the Watch-It by pushing the E Oracle button. A window opens, ready for your questions! Now think upon a question or issue. Say it out loud if you wish. Concentrate on it. Then click on the button in the E Oracle window. An instantaneous symbol of the moment will appear -- the answer to your question!

           * You can set the E Oracle Timer icon on and and let it play in the background, much like a clock. By opening the E Oracle Timer, a continuous series of “random” but meaningful icons will appear and then disappear. If you have an impulse to look at it, note what symbol is there for you right at that instant -- and what thought were you just having? Is there a connection? Also, if you wish an inspired or fresh view of your present situation, you can check out the symbol of the moment and see what gives!

            Have fun with your Watch-It! Use it not only for synchronicity uses and the divine dialog, but for idea games with children, conversation starters, and philosophical insights. Cautious romantics might want to check it before they ask someone out on a date!

             Dream up uses for it...and let us know!

             In each box there are the Icons, or Symbols, followed by general meanings of the symbols and, at the bottom, a very quick system of simple answers for simple questions. Not all symbols easily answer simple questions, but most will. The three simple answers or suggestions are: [Go] [Stop] [Wait]

             One of these will be highlighted for each symbol. Some options will not be that simple, however. Experience will let you know how to use the Watch-It in your own way. Breathe!

The Symbols of the Synchronicity Watch

The General Idea

             The Synchronicity Watch or the Watch-It is a symbolic timepiece and an oracle which utilizes the amazing principle of synchronicity. (See my page on the philosophy behind the Everyday Oracle.) You may, on occasion, have decided on a movie to go to by flipping a coin. Heads or tails! The E Oracle works something like this. When the E Oracle Timer option is used, symbols come up for view and then disappear, seemingly at random. Very much like the old philosophical question, “What is the sound of a falling tree in the woods when no one is around to hear it?”, the symbols are only relevant when you look at them!

            You know all of these everyday symbols, of course. Now you will see them in new ways! After a while you will be conversant with their meanings, as well as adapt some of the symbols to your own individual perspectives. Use the meanings herein as inspirations, or starting points, for your own interpretations. Be careful of rationalizing, though. Humans are very fond of making excuses for their hidden agendas. You know, “OK, then 2 out of 3!!” because you didn’t like the first toss of the coin!

Relax, enjoy and use the synchronicity of the Everyday Oracle, the Synchronicity Watch!

    Copyright.   The idea has already occurred. This is not new. This is someone else’s ideas or invention.
            Intellectual property.


    Add.  Add this to your life. Plus. This is a plus. Positive. enhancement. addition.

      Subtract.  Take away. minus. negative. Step back. Retreat. subtraction.

   Yin-yang.   Harmony in opposites. Divine balance. Tao or “the way”. Flow. Seasons and cycles.
           Masculine and feminine. Positive and negative. Complementary. Go for harmony.


   Venus.  Love and beauty. art, music, dance, romance, gifts, money, pleasures, jewelry and adornments,
           careful of being influenced!
           People: female(s), artists, musicians, friends, florists, art lovers.


   Mars.  Sports, danger, action, courage, exercise, tools, martial arts, assertiveness, desire and attainment,
           adventures, careful of impulsiveness!

           People: male(s), military, mechanics, athletes, heroes, protectors & abusers. exercise buddies


     Sun.   Life, vitality, spirit, independence, creativity, performance, recognition, popularity, the theater,
            originality, gold. Careful of ego.

            People:  public speakers, performers, mentors, educators, actors.


    Moon.  Home. Family. Move, fertility, writing, memories, commerce or trade, food and security,
            silver. Careful of subjectivity or taking things too personally. If it is full moon time, careful of loony
            tunes (from Luna)!
            People: older female/mother, nurturer, provider of (emotional) security, babies and those who care
            for them, worriers.


   Happy. friendly. kind, pleasant, good. Innocent, simple, childlike.

   Unhappy, sad, angry. hurt. unpleasant.

   Neutral. unmoved, ignorant, ennui. waiting. nonchalant.

    Thumbs Up. Good. great. Excellent. On the right track; approval.

    Thumbs Down. Bad, off track. poor. disapproval. negative.

     Above. Look up. high. up. positive. optimism. North.

     Below. Look down. Low. down. negative. pessimism. South.

Look. Look closer. Read. clarify. focus. view. Adjust your vision.

     Recycle. Think of the big picture. Do the right thing. What goes around, comes around.  Karma,
            cycles, give and take.


   Up & Down. Top - bottom. Vertical. Counterbalance. Hierarchy. Superior/inferior. Winner/loser.
            Longitude. North-South


     Left & Right. Horizontal. Harmony as ideal. Win-win. counterbalance. Relating as equals. Latitude.
            East-West. Lateral


Message for you. It’s in the mail. Get more information. Pay attention.

~ ~ ~ ~

                                                                        Everyday Oracle implemented by JRAC, Inc.

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